Mur Nomade

Medieval Garden

site-specific project

Sanae Takahata

Curatorial Project at A.M. Space 

Medieval Garden is a curatorial project complementing Sanae Takahata’s solo exhibition of dress-shaped sculptures Metamorphosis, opening at Mur Nomade, in the South Island district.

This curatorial project was conceived as a miniature work: it is intentionally short in time, small in scale and intimate. For four days only, after ringing a bell and climbing up to the first floor through a narrow staircase, visitors will enter a cosy and dimly lit space with a balcony overlooking the heritage site of PMQ, and discover a site-specific installation of more than a hundred mixed-media objects.

The artworks incorporate detailed decorative elements of medieval architectures or miniature images referencing female portraiture from the Renaissance. Sanae Takahata’s mixed-media objects are delicate jewels and indeed the artist calls them ‘wearable art’ as they can be either installed on walls or worn as brooches or pendants. Contrasting with the fresh and breezy mood of the Metamorphosis exhibition at Mur Nomade, the display of Medieval Garden at A.M Space evokes the warm, precious and intimate atmosphere of a boudoir.

  • Dates: 4- 7 December 2014
  • Venue: a.m. space
  • Address: 1C, 1st floor, Kingearn Building, 24-26 Aberdeen Street, Central, Hong Kong
  • Reception with the Artist: 5 December, 6pm - 8pm


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Medieval Garden
Medieval Garden
Medieval Garden