Mur Nomade


Sojourn with Stranger
art book
Sojourn with Stranger . curated by Hilda Chan

3 - 24 December 2016
Mur Nomade is excited to unveil the winning project of the second edition of its Open Call for Young Curators: Sojourn with Stranger, a limited-edition art book... see more

Found and Sound
gallery exhibition
Found and Sound . Andio Lai

5 - 19 November 2016
Ready-made objects, toys, musical instruments, computers and electronics are the media of Lai's artistic practice. For his solo exhibition at Mur Nomade, he selected works having strong interactive... see more

benefit sale
S A L O N . benefit sale: group show by Mur Nomade's artists

30 September – 15 October 2016
Marking Mur Nomade’s fourth anniversary, SALON: Fundraising Exhibition features paintings, drawings and photographs by artists that have collaborated with our curatorial platform since its creation... see more

Thanksgiving in Tin Wan
Thanksgiving in Tin Wan . Olivia Chow

8 October 2016
Mur Nomade is pleased to welcome Olivia Chow to present a new intervention and performance entitled Thanksgiving in Tin Wan, on Saturday, 8th October at 7pm. Canada-born Hong Kong artist... see more

The Second Morning Glory
The Second Morning Glory . Ivy Tsui Yik-chit and Lego Shum

24 September 2016
Nastaran Shahbazi’s paintings will be the backdrop of The Second Morning Glory, a performance conceived by dancer and choreographer Ivy Tsui Yik-chit and musician Lego Shum... see more

2016 Open Call for Young Curators
open call
2016 Open Call for Young Curators .

Submission deadline: 18 September 2016
Mur Nomade is pleased to announce Hilda Chan as the curator selected for the second edition of the Open Call for Young Curators. Willing to encourage and promote new curatorial... see more

The Sun Also Rises
gallery exhibition & artistic collaborations
The Sun Also Rises . solo exhibition by Nastaran Shahbazi, interventions by invited artists

9 July - 24 September 2016
This programme looks at the notions of displacement and migration with a focus on individual experiences. Life on the road becomes a metaphor for one’s personal search for meaning. Not designed as a fixed object... see more

TIME is Love.9
video art screening
TIME is Love.9 . curated by Kisito Assangni

19 June 2016
Mur Nomade presents the international video art program TIME is Love, travelling to Hong Kong for the first time, with a screening on Sunday 19th June at 5:00pm. Established in 2008 by curator Kisito Assangni... see more

I was walking through the fields, when suddenly a building sprang from the earth
gallery exhibition
I was walking through the fields, when suddenly a building sprang from the earth . Manon Recordon

7 May - 25 June 2016
‘I was walking through the fields, when suddenly a building sprang from the earth’ is Manon Recordon’s first solo exhibition in Hong Kong, part of Le French May arts festival. The exhibition... see more

Peer to Pier
artist residency & cultural exchange
Peer to Pier .

15 - 23 April 2016
Peer to Pier is a collective artist-in-residence and cultural exchange project. Part of the Hong Kong ICAROS Residency, International Choreography Festival and Dutch Days in Hong Kong... see more

In Peril
gallery exhibition
In Peril . Jovial Yeung

16 January - 2 April 2016
'In Peril' is the first solo exhibition of emerging Hong Kong artist Jovial Yeung. The exhibition presents glass, mixed media and installation works, drawing on the artist’s personal emotions... see more

Claire Lee & Régis Gonzalez: correspondence
artistic collaboration
Claire Lee & Régis Gonzalez: correspondence .

23 - 26 March 2016
In 2013, Mur Nomade’s curator Amandine Hervey invited Claire Lee and Régis Gonzalez to embark on a conversation exclusively conducted... see more

Mur Nomade at Art Central
art fair
Mur Nomade at Art Central .

23 - 26 March 2016
A solo exhibition by Claire Lee, complemented by an installation of objects from her correspondence with Régis Gonzalez... see more

gallery exhibition & workshop
Recollections . Ana González, Ivy Ma, Nastaran Shahbazi, Cally Yu

10 October - 24 December 2015
Recollections brings together works by Ana González (Colombia), Ivy Ma (Hong Kong) and Nastaran Shahbazi (Iran), complemented... see more

2-Day Printmaking Workshop with Nastaran Shahbazi
2-Day Printmaking Workshop with Nastaran Shahbazi .

This Printmaking Workshop led by the artist Nastaran Shahbazi is presented by Mur Nomade and hosted at the Hong Kong Open Printshop. It complements the exhibition Recollections... see more

Twelve, a sound and dance performance by Andio Lai and Son Tse Wing Yan
Twelve, a sound and dance performance by Andio Lai and Son Tse Wing Yan .

To conclude the first Open Call for Young Curators’ winning exhibition away, Mur Nomade has commissioned a sound and dance... see more

open call exhibition
away . curated by Yip Kai Chun

11 July - 19 September 2015
away ​is an exhibition on the subject of loss and remembrance curated by Yip Kai Chun. It is the winning project of Mur Nomade’s first Open Call for Young Curators, a programme... see more

gallery exhibition & site-specific performance
REGRESSION . Valéry Grancher

9 May - 30 June 2015
Regression, part of Le French May arts festival 2015 in Hong Kong, is a solo project by French multi-disciplinary artist Valéry Grancher. Both a staging and an experience of the jungle, the project comprises... see more

Open Call for Young Curators
open call
Open Call for Young Curators .

Winner of the Open Call 2015: Yip Kai Chun
Willing to encourage and promote new curatorial ideas, Mur Nomade launched an open call inviting emerging independent curators living in Hong Kong to... see more

Under Pressure
gallery exhibition
Under Pressure . Claire Lee

28 February - 25 April 2015
The exhibition features the latest collection of ink drawings and photographs by Hong Kong artist and poet Claire Lee. The series is a continuation of... see more

Yellow, Blue, Green, White, and Red
art fair
Yellow, Blue, Green, White, and Red . Vivian Poon

14 March - 16 March 2015
Mur Nomade presents a solo exhibition by Hong Kong emerging artist Vivian Poon at Art Central, Hong Kong’s new art fair coinciding with Art Basel Hong Kong. Yellow, Blue, Green, White, and Red... see more

gallery exhibition
Metamorphosis . Sanae Takahata

29 November 2014 - 7 February 2015
The solo exhibition Metamorphosis by Japanese artist Sanae Takahata features a large installation of dress-shaped painted sculptures accompanied by paintings. This exhibition is... see more

Medieval Garden
site-specific project
Medieval Garden . Sanae Takahata

4 - 7 December 2014
Medieval Garden is a curatorial project complementing Sanae Takahata’s solo exhibition of dress-shaped sculptures Metamorphosis, opening at Mur Nomade, in the South Island district... see more

gallery exhibition
GRACE . Ray Chan See Kwong, Nick Poon Fai Wong, Miu Tsang Che Ching & Ben Yau Man Pun

27 September – 22 November 2014
Mur Nomade invited ceramic artists Ray Chan See-kwong, Nick Poon Fai-wong, Miu Tsang Che-ching and Ben Yau Man-pun to present new works and installations. From a varying range of... see more

gallery exhibition
VISAGES . Niko de La Faye

6 - 20 September 2014
The exhibition presents a selection of works from Niko de La Faye’s Visages series, a two-year long photographic project conducted between Paris and Shanghai. De La Faye rejected... see more

‬‭/‬sic sic‭/‬
gallery exhibition
‬‭/‬sic sic‭/‬ . Vivian Poon & Tsang Chui-mei

10 May – 19 July 2014
An artist-curated exhibition by Vivian Poon & Tsang Chui-mei. In response to a carte blanche invitation from Mur Nomade, Hong Kong artists Tsang Chui-mei and Vivian Poon have jointly... see more

Cultural exchange project & site-specific exhibition
RADIANCE . Sébastien Mahon & Sarah Lai Cheuk Wah

31 May - 1 July 2014
In November 2013, Mur Nomade invited Beijing-based French painter Sébastien Mahon and Hong Kong artist Sarah Lai to start a 6-month conversation, sharing their sensations and thoughts about their creative... see more

Make Believe
gallery exhibition
Make Believe . Niko de La Faye & Régis Gonzalez

12 March - 26 April 2014
Make Believe is an exhibition of portraits in the media of painting, photography and ink on paper. It presents, for the first time in Hong Kong, Niko de La Faye’s Visages series, a two-year... see more

street Installation & Performance
M2B . Niko de La Faye

12 March 2014
Mur Nomade invited Beijing-based French artist Niko de La Faye to present the M2B kinetic sculpture and light performance in Hong Kong’s unique streetscape... see more

Chan Wing Nga & Claire Lee
gallery exhibition
Chan Wing Nga & Claire Lee . Chan Wing Nga & Claire Lee

11 January - 8 March 2014
This exhibition is an attempt to illustrate the idea that silence can speak louder than words. It features photographs and paintings by two Hong Kong female artists, both of them... see more

site-specific exhibition
Confluence . David Reekie & Sunny Wang

21 - 30 November 2013
Confluence is a cultural exchange programme. Mur Nomade invited British sculptor David Reekie to Hong Kong to collaborate with local artist Sunny Wang in a two-person exhibition and a workshop... see more

Things Happen For A Reason
gallery exhibition
Things Happen For A Reason . Régis GonzalezChan Wing Nga & Jovial Yeung

18 April - 1 June 2013
The title of this exhibition is intentionally provocative, and invites visitors to question and challenge it. This phrase is often heard during emotional moments, and it is meant to be comforting. However... see more

A Game Of Consequences
collaborative artist residency and site-specific exhibition
A Game Of Consequences . Régis Gonzalez & Tsang Chui Mei

17 – 30 April 2013
Mur Nomade has invited French painter Régis Gonzalez and Hong Kong artist Tsang Chui Mei to participate in a collaborative artist-in-residence program at Osage Atelier. During a two-week... see more