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Yip Kai Chun


Born in 1984, Yip Kai Chun is an artist and curator, living and working in Hong Kong. He has been part of the curatorial team of the Microwave International New Media Arts Festival since 2011.

Yip Kai Chun’s interests encompass local culture, history, urban environment, society and politics, linking these themes to his personal experience. His curatorial practice is experimental and process-oriented and draws on theories and methodologies from diverse disciplines, aiming at unravelling the taken-for-granted and neglected, and re-imagining alternatives and possibilities. As an artist, he employs media that ‘extract reality’ – sound, video and photography.

Together with Chow Yik, Yip Kai Chun recently formed ‘case-open-close’, a curatorial initiative gathering emerging artists from Europe and Asia.

Exhibitions & Projects

11 July - 19 September 2015

Yip Kai Chun, Incomplete Finale, 2012, Mixed-media installation, Dimensions variable

Yip Kai Chun