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Ivy Ma


Born in 1973, Ivy Ma lives and works in Hong Kong. She is a visual artist specializing in mixed-media works and a lecturer at the Hong Kong Art School.

Cultivating an aesthetic characterized by quietness and stillness, Ivy Ma's work becomes, ultimately, a philosophical reflection on nature and history. She works her way through history by looking, collecting, drawing and thinking. The objects she collects, the images she selects, and the occasional photographs and videos she produces all strike a similar chord, one that is at uncanny, disturbing and beautiful. 

She focuses on images - both stills taken from specific films and photographs found in history museums - for an ongoing series of what she calls 'drawing-interventions', where she actively erases and draws into and over the existing image.


10 October - 24 December 2015



Ivy Ma, Still from Bird | The Passion of Joan of Arc | Carl Theodor Dreyer, 2015, Video, 10 mins (loop). Courtesy of the artist

Ivy Ma

Ivy Ma, Last Gaze | Blood of the Beast | Georges Franju (1), 2015, Pastel, pencil, graphite, ink, gold leaf on printed canvas, 102 x 71 cm. Courtesy of the artist

Ivy Ma

Ivy Ma, Hands 005, 2014, Ink drawing, fine art print on archival watercolour paper, 100 x 127 cm (oval). Courtesy of the artist

Ivy Ma