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Hilda Chan


Born in 1983, Hilda Chan is a Hong Kong based curator, artist and cultural practitioner who lives and works in Hong Kong. She graduated from Rhode Island School of Design in Providence, USA with a BFA in Film/Animation Video in 2006.

In her curatorial practice, Chan aims at fostering collaborations across disciplines and media, and has developed since the beginning of her career a passion for moving images as well as digital media in contemporary art. Chan is interested in the topics of the self and identities, gender roles, cross-cultural and media representations, and media and image interpretations in relation to personal experiences and memories.

Exhibitions & Projects

3 - 24 December 2016

Sojourn with Stranger (2016), limited-edition art book curated by Hilda Chan: closed-up of the book featuring a detail of Lau Wai, Parents’ Bedroom, 2012, archival inkjet print.

Hilda Chan